For hiking passionate, Maggie’s Ranch is the initial point for exploring Bucegi mountains, one of the most Romanian and holy symbol.Majestic, they keep on watching over us with their snowed tops almost till June, so they invite everybody to follow their paths to the cabins Diham and Malaiesti, on nice and easy tracks.

iconimportant We will remind that, before departing in a mechanic to charge your mobile phone, to prepare with proper equipment (raincoat, flashlight, comfortable shoes and little Sun) and to take supplies of water and energy bars of chocolate or biscuit.
“If you have a miss what you knead
Not that Cabrera go-tedious,
Come with me, buddy, on the mountain
On the Bucegi mountains paths…”
Bucegi Anthem



SMaggie’s Ranch evenings are just differenced by the theme of the stories, but for sure all our guests have something to review. Some of them are telling stories about how gentle and sissyish was their horse, others about the magnificent landscape of the mountains, and others about the tour they had take. And there are always those, glowing and tired, arriving from a half-day bicycle tour.The two-wheeled stories are always eventful and we are convinced that most of you already know them. Those that are addicted to fresh air and evening relax already know that there’s no need to bring your own bicycle, they are already here, ready to enjoy you with a nice ride.

BOur Cross bicycles can be rented from Maggie’s Lodge Reception. We appreciate if they are returned the latest at 10pm on the rental day.
Renting price bike MTB:
- 1 houre: 30 lei
- 2 houre: 50 lei
- 1 day:   70 lei


➛ Cetatea Rasnov- 9 km, 22 min.
➛ Pestera Valea Cetatii- 8 km, 17 min.
➛ Rezervatia de ursi Zarnesti- 16 km, 37 min.
➛ Castelul Bran- 17 km, 27 min.
➛ Predeal- 27 km, 40 min.
➛ Poiana Brasov- 18 km, 32 min.
➛ Centru istoric Brasov- 24 km, 37 min.
➛ Pestera Rasnoavei - 9km, 22min.